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Professional English-Polish translations offered by an experienced linguist with 6 years of experience in the field of documentation, health and medicine, IT and software and more.

As an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the UK, I offer certified Polish-English translations of various documents that may be required in the UK:

  • birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates
  • Polish national ID cards, passports, driving licenses
  • CVs and resumes
  • University and High School diplomas and certificates

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“Wojciech helped us localize TM-Town to Polish. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend his services. He has great attention to detail and he took the extra time to ensure that not only the translations were correct but also to catch things like text that might be overflowing or misaligned. I was also very impressed by his communication throughout the project.” – Kevin Dias, TM-Town

“Wojciech provides high quality English translations which were very helpful for us in adapting the website to our needs, carrying out our festival projects ( and recreating the Theatre’s website in English. We heartily recommend his service.”

“The company has provided us with a comprehensive service of creating the website of our school, its English translation and its publishing. We are happy to recommend the services we were provided with and assure anyone that Voy-Tech is a reliable partner.” – The School of Japanese Language KANAME


I am a professional English – Polish translator with 5 years of experience. My qualifications comprise Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English philology with specialisation in translation and sociolinguistics from the University of Wrocław as well as MA in Computing from the University of Aberdeen. Thanks to my professional experience, including the opportunities to develop software as part of my degree, organise international cultural events and the personal experience of living and working in the United Kingdom for a few years now, I have been exposed to the living language, which includes both everyday English as well as professional linguistic skills. I am diligent in performing my mission – I guarantee that all my translated texts will serve their purpose. This is aided by the specialist CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) as well as the careful process of verifying the used vocabulary, including consultations with fellow English translators who specialise in a given topic.

Apart from that, as a computing degree graduate I am able to integrate the translated text into the code of the website or an application and fully test the end result.
As a professional translator I think that the best texts are usually written by a native speaker of a given language. That is why all my translations performed from Polish to English are thoroughly proof-read by a native speaker.
Wojciech Szczerek


My services include, but are not limited to:

The core part of my portfolio is website translation, which includes the implementation of a website “from scratch” in two language versions (with the possibility of adding more languages in the future).

I offer professional translation services from English to Polish and vice versa in the field of IT and computing, most of all technical documentation.

I offer various types of Polish-English interpreting services in Edinburgh.


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Feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm GMT). I will respond to all queries as soon as possible.